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Green Line

ModelReferenceBack in Stainless SteelCastor KitGranite TopWithout SplashbackWithout TopCompressor in the LeftWith expansion ValveKit of Drawers
Refrigerator 700mm, 2 door lengthGTP-7-135OOOOOO-O
Refrigerator 700mm, 3 door lengthGTP-7-180OOOOOO-O
Refrigerator 700mm, 4 door lengthGTP-7-225OOOOOO-O
Refrigerator 700mm with sink, 2 door lengthGTP-7-135 SO--O-O-O
Refrigerator 700mm with sink, 3 door lengthGTP-7-180 SO--O-O-O
Refrigerator 700mm with sink, 4 door lengthGTP-7-225 SO--O-O-O
Refrig. 700mm- 600mm high, 2 drawer 2/3 lengthGTPB-135OO-standardOO--
Refrig. 700mm- 600mm high, 3 drawer 2/3 lengthGTPB-180OO-standardOO--
Refrig. 700mm- 600mm high, 4 drawer 2/3 lengthGTPB-225OO-standardOO--
Remote Refrigerator 700mm, 2 door lengthGTP-7-102 RO-OOOOOO
Remote Refrigerator 700mm, 3 door lengthGTP-7-147 RO-OOOOOO
Remote Refrigerator 700mm, 4 door lengthGTP-7-192 RO-OOOOOO
Freezer 700mm, 2 door lengthGTN-7-135OOOOOO--
Freezer 700mm, 3 door lengthGTN-7-180OOOOOO--
Freezer 700mm with sink, 2 door lengthGTN-7-135 SO--O-O--
Freezer 700mm with sink, 3 door lengthGTN-7-180 SO--O-O--
Remote freezer 700mm, 2 door lengthGTN-7-102 RO-OOOOO-
Remote freezer 700mm, 3 door lengthGTN-7-147 RO-OOOOO-
Remote freezer 700mm, 4 door lengthGTN-7-192 RO-OOOOO-
Refrigerator 600mm, 2 door lengthGTP-6-150OOOOOO-O
Refrigerator 600mm, 3 door lengthGTP-6-200OOOOOO-O
Refrigerator 600mm, 4 door lengthGTP-6-250OOOOOO-O
Refrigerator 600mm with sink, 2 door lengthGTP-6-150 SO--O-O-O
Refrigerator 600mm with sink, 3 door lengthGTP-6-200 SO--O-O-O
Refrigerator 600mm with sink, 4 door lengthGTP-6-250 SO--O-O-O
Remote Refrigerator 600mm, 2 door lengthGTP-6-117 RO-OOOOOO
Remote Refrigerator 600mm, 3 door lengthGTP-6-169 RO-OOOOOO
Remote Refrigerator 600mm, 4 door lengthGTP-6-222 RO-OOOOOO
Freezer 600mm, 2 door lengthGTN-6-150OOOOOO--
Freezer 600mm, 3 door lengthGTN-6-200OOOOOO--
Freezer 600mm with sink, 2 door lengthGTN-6-150 SO--O-O--
Freezer 600mm with sink, 3 door lengthGTN-6-200 SO--O-O--
Remote freezer 600mm, 2 door lengthGTN-6-117 RO-OOOOO-
Remote freezer 600mm, 3 door lengthGTN-6-169 RO-OOOOO-
Remote freezer 600mm, 4 door lengthGTN-6-222 RO-OOOOO-
Refrigerated display 700mm, 2 door lengthGTP-7-135 GLASSOOOOOO--
Refrigerated display 700mm, 3 door lengthGTP-7-180 GLASSOOOOOO--
Refrigerated display 700mm, 4 door lengthGTP-7-225 GLASSOOOOOO--
Remote refrig. display 700mm, 2 door lengthGTP-7-102 R GLASSO-OOOOO-
Remote refrig. display 700mm, 3 door lengthGTP-7-147 R GLASSO-OOOOO-
Remote refrig. display 700mm, 4 door lengthGTP-7-192 R GLASSO-OOOOO-
Refrigerated display 600mm, 2 door lengthGTP-6-150 GLASSOOOOOO--
Refrigerated display 600mm, 3 door lengthGTP-6-200 GLASSOOOOOO--
Refrigerated display 600mm, 4 door lengthGTP-6-250 GLASSOOOOOO--
Remote refrig. display 600mm, 2 door lengthGTP-6-117 R GLASSO-OOOO--
Remote refrig. display 600mm, 3 door lengthGTP-6-169 R GLASSO-OOOO--
Remote refrig. display 600mm, 4 door lengthGTP-6-222 R GLASSO-OOOO--
Preparation 800mm, 2 door lengthGTP-8-150OOstandard-O---
Preparation 800mm, 3 door lengthGTP-8-200OOstandard-O---
Preparation 800mm, 4 door lengthGTP-8-250OOstandard-O---
Preparation 700mm built-in GN, 2 door lengthGTPZ-135OO------
Preparation 700mm built-in GN, 3 door lengthGTPZ-180OO------
Prep. 700mm with salad. worktop, 2 door lengthGTS-135OO-standard----
Prep. 700mm with salad. worktop, 3 door lengthGTS-180OO-standard----
Saladette without splashbackGTS-100 SPstandardO-standard----
Saladette with granite topGTS-100 GstandardO-standard----


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