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Pizza refrigerated counters 800mm

  • Specially manufactured in high-quality stainless steel for intensive professional applications, featuring a very robust design and perfect finishing. Ideal to be used as a pizza preparation station when combined with pizza ingredient cases.
  • Heavy-duty 30mm granite working top with side splash-back from 150mm to 250mm high and rear splash-back of 250mm high, preventing spillage behind the counter.
  • 50 mm thickness, CFC-free, high-density (40 kg/m³) polyurethane insulation, injected under high pressure.
  • Stainless steel doors with ergonomic, full-length, robust, perfectly integrated handle that ensures practical opening of the door that avoids dust and dirt collection.
  • Hinged doors with automatic return for a perfect closing that minimize temperature gain. Doors have a 120° dwell position and closes automatically at less than 90°. Door hinges are also reversible allowing the counter to be adapted on-site.
  • Control panel and engine ventilation with pivoting front opening.
  • Intuitive digital control allows temperature parameters to be adjusted easily and quickly.
  • Luminous start-stop light button.
  • Maintenance-free condenser, with special design preventing dust and dirt built thus avoiding cleaning operations and reducing energy consumption.
  • Forced draft evaporator with anti-corrosion cover.
  • Intelligent Air Circulation system ensures perfect temperature consistency with its innovative airflow design.
  • Automatic evaporation of defrost water. Hot gas coming from the compressor is used to automatically evaporate defrost water, instead of by means of heating elements, achieving even less energy consumption and reducing in half defrost time.
  • Height-adjustable stainless steel legs. Height of the legs could be adjusted individually (125 mm - 200 mm) to enable convenient cleaning. Castors are available as an option.
  • Removable guiding rails enable more convenient cleaning operations without any additional tools. Placing and adjusting the wire grids at the desired height is possible without using extra rails. Epoxy-coated wire grids, to improve protection, allow storage of different packaging types and have a maximum loading capacity of up to 40 kg.
  • 6 grid level positions for increased loading capacity, with a distance of 70mm among them.
  • Removable pull-out/push-in magnetic door gasket to keep maximum hygiene and maintain the insulating properties.
  • Rounded edge interiors, easier cleaning operations to reduce potential dirt traps.
  • Equipped with 1 grid 400x600 mm and 2 sets of guides per each full door.
  • Refrigerant gas: R134a Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC), CFC-free.
  • Working temperature of -2 ºC to +8 ºC in climate Class IV conditions.
  • Supply voltage: 230 V 1+N – 50 Hz.
ModelReferenceModel typeClasif. Energy efficiencyEnergy Efficiency IndexPower consumption 24hAnnual elec. consumptionRefrigeration net.volClimatic classNumber of doorsElectric powerDimensiones (mm)
ETP-8-150-2019023490COUNTER CABINETC42396119442 - 02471492 x 800 x 850
ETP-8-150-20 LR19043531COUNTER CABINETC42396119442 - 02471492 x 800 x 850
ETP-8-200-2719023492COUNTER CABINETC42396119442 - 72472017 x 800 x 850
ETP-8-200-27 LR19043532COUNTER CABINETC42396119442 - 72472017 x 800 x 850
ETP-8-200-2419023491COUNTER CABINETC42396119442 - 42472017 x 800 x 850
ETP-8-200-24 LR19043533COUNTER CABINETC42396119442 - 42472017 x 800 x 850
ETP-8-200-3019023493COUNTER CABINETD52,44132729143 - 02872017 x 800 x 850
ETP-8-200-30 LLR19043534COUNTER CABINETD52,44132729143 - 02872017 x 800 x 850
ETP-8-250-3719023495COUNTER CABINETD52,44132729143 - 72872542 x 800 x 850
ETP-8-250-37 LLR19043535COUNTER CABINETD52,44132729143 - 72872542 x 800 x 850
ETP-8-250-3419023494COUNTER CABINETD52,44132729143 - 42872542 x 800 x 850
ETP-8-250-34 LLR19043536COUNTER CABINETD52,44132729143 - 42872542 x 800 x 850
ETP-8-250-4019023496COUNTER CABINETD50,94141638844 - 03852542 x 800 x 850
ETP-8-250-40 LRLR19043537COUNTER CABINETD50,94141638844 - 03852542 x 800 x 850


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